At Midway Industries, we specialize in commercial lighting as well as providing superior lighting solutions for business revamping. At some point, just about everyone experiences a light bulb problem. Maybe it's an unusual exit sign light that needs replacing, or a projector that goes out right before that big presentation. And with the constant change and improvements in the lighting industry, our knowledgeable staff can help provide you with the experience and know-how to help turn that hard to find lighting task into a simple phone call. We can pack and ship everything from the smallest flashlight bulb to multiple pallets of lamps, ballasts, and fixtures. Whatever your facility requires in lighting, our specialized staff will do whatever it takes to fulfill your request.

Midway Industries has always been a SERVICE company. It has been our firm belief that customer service is #1 which has gotten us so far in the industry. If you are looking for a superior product with an unrivalled service guarantee, Midway Industries is the leading provider in your lighting needs.

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